sábado, junio 05, 2004


Ayer conocí un blog que enseguida lo linkié: "SistersTalk, de una activista negra. Parece que recibió varias visitas desde mi blog y entonces se conectó conmigo vía IM de Yahoo. Justo estaba on line y así que estuvimos como una hora hablando. Esta es la primera experiencia de este tipo que tengo y que parte de la existencia del blog.
"Genia" resultó ser de Madison, Wisconsin, EE.UU., e hizo este comentario esta tarde en su blog:
" I was pleased to see several referrals to the SistersTalk blog from pont_des_arts. It's a very beautiful blog, even though I can't read most of it. It's in Spanish. I've spoken with the writer (who does indeed speak English) and she's a delight to talk to."

Ahora me gustaría consignar unas partes de nuetro diálogo:

"gabby_lavender_arg: I use to do my search with certain keywords
gabby_lavender_arg: that's how I found your blog
the_auctionboard: Good. I'm glad. I know that there are not a lot of lesbian/gay blogs that are devoted to politics or activism.
gabby_lavender_arg: that's true.
the_auctionboard: I try to mix it up and add some music, books, and other stuff at times.
gabby_lavender_arg: neither in spanish
gabby_lavender_arg: I am trying to do that with my blog... it's the beginning
the_auctionboard: Blogs are interesting. You're almost expected to define the blog's identity.
gabby_lavender_arg: yeah.
gabby_lavender_arg: We have discuss it with my partner.
gabby_lavender_arg: It's very interesting this new way of connection....
the_auctionboard: I like it.
gabby_lavender_arg: from the margins
the_auctionboard: It seems to work very well.
gabby_lavender_arg: to the center as Bell Hooks talked
the_auctionboard: Yes. . . and that's one thing I like about your blog. Literature.
the_auctionboard: Audre Lorde is great.
the_auctionboard: So is Bell Hooks.
the_auctionboard: And here, we don't have many Black, outspoken, lesbian bloggers who write on politics, gay rights, sex, and other stuff.
gabby_lavender_arg: that's another issue, isn't it???
the_auctionboard: Yes, it is.
gabby_lavender_arg: how do you feel about it???
the_auctionboard: It really angers many who aren't used to allowing someone like me to speak my mind about people "like them."
the_auctionboard: How do I feel about it? I love it. I get sexuall excited from the sheer power of it all.
the_auctionboard: sexually, sorry
the_auctionboard: It's very pleasing.
gabby_lavender_arg: kool
the_auctionboard: Almost sadistic.
gabby_lavender_arg: how is the lesbian movements there in Wisconsin???
gabby_lavender_arg: black lesb mov?
the_auctionboard: Madison, WI is very gay friendly. But there are not a lot of Black lesbians.
the_auctionboard: As for the movement. . .
the_auctionboard: It's difficult to find lesbians who want to get involved in political movements.
gabby_lavender_arg: the same here
gabby_lavender_arg: do you have some theory about it???
the_auctionboard: We're tired.
the_auctionboard: Worn out.
the_auctionboard: Waiting for someone else to do it for us.
the_auctionboard: Lacking leadership.
gabby_lavender_arg: aha
the_auctionboard: Like any other minority group.
gabby_lavender_arg: sounds like an old song to me
gabby_lavender_arg: Sometimes I feel a little bit tired... but i have to keep on!!!
the_auctionboard: it gets to a point where you just want to enjoy life without worries. No drama. No fighting what seems like a losing battle.
gabby_lavender_arg: you're fucking right!
gabby_lavender_arg: sorry
the_auctionboard: You swear well, too.
the_auctionboard: No, don't apologize.
the_auctionboard: I'll be swearing a lot pretty soon.
gabby_lavender_arg: why?
the_auctionboard: Because it's in my nature when I get excited.
gabby_lavender_arg: ahhh

Thank you Genia for the IM time!

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